1. Hypercube Blockchain’s developmental background and inner meaning

The Blockchain industry has been rapidly increasing in diverse forms due to a large amount of interest given by many investors. Only in 2017, an approximate amount of 10 million dollars have been spent on blockchain startups. This budget provided by many investors helped boost the diversity of blockchains, and with this in mind, a creative idea to develop a blockchain was a priority, as well as a necessity.

Many blockchains created based on the 2008 Nakamoto Satoshi’s bitcoin paper has been acknowledged technologically by the public. This was sure to be a leading milestone in the blockchain industry. However, a way to practically use these functions in real life has not been established perfectly yet. The majority of blockchain companies have stated that their blockchain is capable of smart contract, credit inquiry, on-spot payment, notarization, and so on. However, real examples of usage through these ways have been very low. This is because understanding how to use the blockchain, and combining the company’s unique blockchain characteristic with another company has not been completely defined yet.


“The Hypercube Blockchain is trying their most to build a perfect and high-quality blockchain where regular people can use it in their daily lives with no hesitation.”

Terra Saturn Co., Ltd develops blockchain applications for different companies and tries to lessen many company’s doubts they have against blockchains. That is, that the technical characteristics of the blockchain can be represented by a series of visualized installations implemented as an action; it is possible for companies of various sizes to build an application that is decentralized. With reducing the cost of developing block chains, we want to create a more useful, interactive environment. Also as an alternative, we provided a method of payment where each blockchain users can pay each other. Thus we are trying our best to create a more convenient and practical blockchain platform for many customers.


2. The ideological and philosophical design of Hypercube.

The most difficult factor in trying to create a more practical, useful, real-life blockchain, is to help the companies understand the special characteristics of the hypercube blockchain, as well as to visualize the blockchain out of the box. Also, the blockchain has to be well compromised in every situation to satisfy the user.

Being able to well connect with mainstream applications, contracting with TERRASATURN will be a credible source rather than the POW(Proof of Work) and POS(Proof of Stake) since we also placed the SGVP(Stability Group Verification Plan) to give a little more trust to our customers. Being based on these special mechanisms, our company provides a blockchain that can be applied in any circumstances, and it can be used by companies of various sizes that are seeking to use a blockchain.

While the flexibility and the usability of the Hypercube Blockchain is one of the bests, it can keep a low price for development at the same time. Also, a pre-testing Hypercube Blockchain TEST-NET will be continuously running to catch possible problems that may occur either to alert the system to modify the source code or just fixing the problem.

  • Characteristics of the Hypercube Blockchain:
    – High efficiency and security based on the Turing Completeness.
    – Low price and high efficiency satisfy diverse requests from different companies.
    – Asymmetrical encryption passcode method used to make the most ideal system.
    – Visualizing practical uses of blockchain by real-life contracting and dealing.
    – As a function of the chain gateway delivers offline information among companies through the blockchain network.
    – Access monitoring and blockchain monitoring will catch bugs and will get rid of it.

From the beginning of development, the Hypercube Blockchain has interacted with many companies to make the best out of what companies need, as well as to develop a blockchain suitable for supporting many companies. Blockchain with basic properties such as non-modulating, security, distributed nodes, will be key factors in our blockchain. Our platform will be the only platform in the world capable of managing digital assets of a business or an individual to be introduced more conveniently and practically to our system.

3. The functions of Hypercube

3.1 Blockchain System

<The hypercube blockchain is based on decentralization like existing block chains>


The hypercube blockchain utilizes the SHA256, RIPEMD160 hash technique, (Private key, public key structure) and a hypercube-only agreement algorithm to create a literal and solid hypercube system. In addition to basic functions as distributed books, It is a blockchain platform that is well-suited for companies that need to maintain fast transactions through consensus.


3.2 Block creation and verified participant management.
The block creation and transaction data validation are only possible for contracted participants and is trustworthy because every internal part is complexly systemized. A peer that has been designated and owned by a validation address is responsible for the creation and verification of the reliability of the data. Each verification peer is randomly assigned and the verification is performed based on the entire block data. Future contracts will be verified sequentially and the data will be blocked with the voter’s votes.


3.3 Address Generation
The cryptographic model of the hypercube blockchain consists of a private key and a public key which consists of an asymmetric cipher. The generated public key hash is encrypted according to the function A = RIPEMD 160 (SHA 256 (K)). Also, a unique address of the hypercube is created using the BASE58 which is the original Bitcoin address system.


                                                                         <In the blockchain, unique addresses can be automatically generated, separated into several types and characteristics as needed>


3.4 Consensus Mechanism
It is designed and constructed so that the hypercube block chain data is distributed to the verified peer and can be applied to a wider area in comparison with the limit of the line speed and the limit of the data accumulated at infinite. HyperCube is a system that integrates a distributed data management system for cloud computing, which is widely used in the current era, with a block chain distributed policy system.


Tracker Service & Horizontal Partitioning technology to appropriately distribute the block-chain data of the verification peers and enable active data collection and processing. Accordingly, it is possible to process a large amount of data at the same time, and it is possible to solve problems related to the increase of the infinite capacity of the block chain and the problem of the processing speed limit.


                                                                                                                                      <A example of how a hypercube stores blockchains>


One group consists of a certain amount of capacity. When the storage limit of each group is reached, the group is added to continue the storage. At this time, the group is changed to the closed state before the addition, and the closed group can no longer add the block chain data. A peer that owns multiple groups will continue to add the group to the peer’s storage capacity limit, store the block data, and if no more groups are added, all the groups will be closed and no more blocks will be stored. At this time, if the entire peer performs this procedure, the block data is no longer accepted. Before this happens, the Tracker Service adjusts the group retention amount. Also, as more reliable peers grow, the tracker service becomes involved and actively adjusts the retention.


3.5 Agreement mechanism
The hypercube was built on the basis of the Stability Group Verification Plan (SGVP) agreement mechanism. This is a way to designate and operate a peer to participate in the verification of the contracted company. Thus, like other blockchain platforms, it does not require an unspecified number of agreements; it is necessary to select complicated consensus subjects: a slow and unreasonable agreement with no processing algorithm required, and a flexible, fast transaction being available.


<Example of GSDC technology of hypercube>


To verify transactions and blocks, it is necessary to analyze the access path.
The verifier receiving the transaction needs to receive and confirm the fragmented ledger to the surrounding peer. When the fragmented ledger is inquired to the peer, if the infinite query is made through the network, the network overhead occurs so the GSDC is implemented.
When you ask a sub-peer, if you see a hypercube network visually, it can be like a rain on a lake.


<Visualizing a network of hypercubes is like raining.>


In the verification of the transaction, the query result is concentrated to the verifier according to the sub-peer query procedure. In this case, created at least four ledgers base on the Mapping and Reduce Process. The details of this ledger are reviewed and compared to determine that it is a normal transaction. If any other part is found, create two additional ledgers and compare them to determine that four are normal. It is not possible to specify which peers have been sent, and may even not use the transaction details sent. It is a relatively very safe verification method because several non-specific verifiers perform the same procedure.


The verification procedure for the actual block chain is essentially valid assuming that each peer, node, is unreliable. However, in the case of hypercube, only trusted or contracted participants can verify the creation of a block or transaction, so the process has to proceed quickly.


○ Block production agreement
The agreement of block production ensures that only one committed block is generated during the block generation cycle. Then, specific rules (hash values) are applied between the blocks to be produced and connected together. Setting the stage as the system functioning normally, usage of a block of verified and trusted peers specified by Terra Saturn determines the peer to produce, and different peers will also be applied as the same as normal. No other block can be created within the cycle in the block production while producing one. The sequence of box generation will be determined by a random seed. All trusted and verified peers will share the procedure with customers, and it will not be possible to operate the block by proceeding without notice. In all nodes, it is possible to achieve agreement among all verified peers.


○ Peer, transaction/block verification, and agreement
When a peer creates a block, it shall electronically sign the entire block with the personal key again and attach the block manufacturer certificate to prove that it is a normal block generator.


○ Preparation of transaction failure.
Assuming that contracted, verified, participating peers with voting rights are always trustworthy, if the verification on the hypercubes fails, it notifies the peer that created the transaction. If the constructor fails validation on the hypercube, it blocks the peer address connection and ensures reliability.


○ Verification in file transfer within Hypercube
Files that a peer sends to peers (important documents such as contracts, DRM [digital rights
Management] processing), the file information and the hash value are chain-chained in the hypercube. Data is stored in a separate space on the peer depending on capacity. Files uploaded to hypercube can be downloaded and uploaded to Hypercube at any time during the validity period. Delete the original file. File transfer and management is accomplished using blockchain transactions and other protocols. Transaction speed is not affected. Rather, depending on the policy, fees may be charged for each validity period.


○ The main-network of Hypercube, Test-Net
The hypercube blockchain consists of the main net and the test net and supports the blockchain development team. The Test Net is a virtual blockchain environment which tests the hypercube blockchain network. Problems and bugs are analyzed to help solve problems before they are applied to actual DaPP. Trying to minimize errors and to collaborate more quickly on the job, it supports the ability to simulate the platform.


3.6 Data Gateway
The hypercube blockchain can transmit and receive off-chain data (OFF-CHAIN Data) more conveniently. To configure the Hypercube Data Gateway so that the companies can easily adopt and support the basically applied security and reliability agreements.


<Hypercube of the data gateway>


3.7 Source Code
The hypercube blockchain is used for the main net and the test net, core, Source code and protocol are not released to GitHub. All Hypercube-based application development or gateway API distribution from Terra Saturn create your own application.
Modifications that the company wants to be tested and verified sufficiently on the test net will be made.


3.8 Advantages of Hypercube against normal blockchains




4. Hypercube token’s circulation structure




4.1 Hypercube ECONOMIC
Within the hypercube, it is the Saturn (STN) that can be used for trading. In total, the hypercube issue volume is 4 billion. The minimum transaction unit supports up to 8 decimal places and for inter-individual transactions.

Flexible multidisciplinary compensation method is applied to maintain the configuration of nodes of hypercube and keep it intact. Multi-won compensation method provides various forms of support so that compensation received as a condition for maintaining nodes can be used to accumulate points for customers or to compete in price of products (products).

There is no fee by default. But in the lower DaPP token, there is a certain fee when you switch to STN. This fee is for the node configuration of the hypercube and is used to develop high-quality systems and convenient and easy-to-use environments. The hypercube ecosystem is the connection of the DaPPs of a number of participating institutions that are developed based on Hypercube core. For sub DaPP transactions and the number of issued tokens, issuance policies, and responsibilities are also managed by the participating organizations.


4.2 Hypercube Wallet
Hypercube wallets can store and manage STN and lower DaPP tokens. The tokens are configured so that they can be used in real life when needed at any time. It is impossible for mutual DaPP tokens to exchange transactions. STN can only be traded or exchanged.
An acquisition is possible. Capable operations are from Windows 7 or higher, Mobile (Android 4.4 or higher, or IOS 10 or higher).


4.3 Token issuance plan
Before the main net, it is issued based on Ethereum ERC20, and the token symbol is TSKN. However there was a swap after the main net and as soon as the swap is completed, all of the ERC20 based TSKN tokens will be incinerated.


4.4 Hypercube(Hyper-Ent) service utilization



5. RoadMap

5.1 Hypercube Block Chain Process Diagram





5.2 Admin & Adviser







Token 총 발행량 : 40억개



<White Paper Reminder Notice>

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The project team will do its best to ensure that the disclosure in the white paper is strictly implemented and that project management is standardized, leading the project in the right direction.

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