Block-Created Data Management/Security

ㆍDistributed network, communication protocol, and management
ㆍDealing information verified, agreed node management function and data management

Block Chain Platform Development and Building

ㆍDeveloping convenience and interoperability within service, and safety secured
ㆍBlock chain technique’s security, transparency, fast and efficient implementation

Terra Saturn Business Model Connection

ㆍFranchises, travels, cultures, and festivals connecting development
ㆍE-learning and educational contents connection

ICT Convergence Linkage Terra Saturn-Hypercube Platform

ㆍExisting development solution, linkage development, and Biz model development


A collaborative enterprise that uses solutions, services, techniques, and platforms all developed from Terra Saturn Inc.

  • Refer to the Hypercube white paper.
  • Major partners service currently in the process of updating